LEIP! Deluxe

With the 5 of us, and 4 committees we aim to make Leeuwarden even more fun than it already is. In August the first edition of LEIP! Deluxe will be launched. The upcoming weeks we will inform you about who we are and most important: our plans!


For 2018/2019, the LEIP! introductionboard is looking for students that are interested in a part-time board year. For more information, please send an e-mail to:

Maartje van der Molen - President

Recently I was reading through a book on intuition and our subconscious by researcher Gladwell, in which I found the following quote: “It’s about time that we start taking our first-impressions more seriously”. This made me realize that often times a person will (pre)judge another person, causing someone to possible alter their actions and decisions.

My first experience with student life, was in Amsterdam. In the introduction period I got in touch with everything the city had to offer; associations, student sport, the nicest cafes & party’s, but also a spot alongside the water to relax in the summer with my friends. After a year I decided make a change and change studies, and go to a new study in Leeuwarden. This meant a new city, and new impressions!

For me, being a student doesn’t only involve my studies, everything besides it is maybe double as important. This is the reason that I work together with other students to create a brand new amazing introduction. Because in the end, you only get one chance at a first impression 😉


Eline Lems - Vice-president

Coming home after a good trip is the best feeling you can have. Finally seeing your roommates again, who are already waiting for you with a cold beer in their hands.

While you are sitting on the rooftop, under the last sunbeams, you share the most exciting stories about your last journey. The people you have met, the extraordinary nature you have seen and what you have learned about the other culture which is só different from here.

I can link all these adventures to my study in Leeuwarden; I want to become a geography teacher. Why? Because I want to show the children what kind of beautiful things this World has to offer. And while I teach, I want to use my own experiences as much as possible.

While I can dream about my journeys forever, I am enjoying the fact that I am back home in my own city called; leeuwarden. My friends, the outdoor cafes at the Nieuwestad, the pubs and even my old bike that almost falls apart; I have missed it all. Unfortunately, not many students are familiar with the beautiful things that Leeuwarden has to offer.

After this summer, I will enter my fifth and last academic year. I can’t wait to show the new students the best things about being a student in leeuwarden and what a special time is waiting for them!

Eline van der Beek - Secretary

How many times have you been told: ‘Your student life is the best life you’ll ever have?’ Might be hard to believe when you are caught inside a classroom, forced to listen to another useless lecture, or when you spend another night struggling to hand in your assignment just in time to make the deadline. Of course, I have also been there. However, I am currently in my second year of International Hospitality Management and I am starting to think that these people might be right after all.

I think I do not only speak for myself if I say that the student life entails so much more than just going to school. For many of us, college (?) is a time during which you get to know yourself like never before, and during which you might be completely on your own for the first time. All these new impressions are accompanied by countless opportunities and possibilities. Whatever you choose to do or whoever you become, you will undoubtedly have an incredible time and end this journey with friends for life.

After a while, your student city will begin to feel like home. Leeuwarden is that to me. During the last few years I have been lucky enough to find my place here in this amazing, laid back city in the North of Holland.

Your student life is over before you even realise it. That’s why you should start it the best way you can! By organising this smashing Introduction period, I hope to be able to kick-off your student life, after which you can take over and find your own place here in Leeuwarden.

Leon Kortstra - Treasurer

I really enjoyed my 10 week holiday last summer! A week of tropical scenes in Spain with friends, accompanied by serving thousands of guests as a waiter.

At the end of August my summer break was over and I had to study again, so I headed back to Friesland by train. As soon as I set foot on Leeuwarden station’s platform, it felt like home again: The Achmeatoren that fills up the Leeuwarden skies. Later that evening, I toasted with friends and fellow students on a great new school year full of awesome moments in the pubs at the Doelesteeg. This, together with sailing through the Leeuwarden canals while enjoying a beer, sunbathing in the Prinsentuin and countless other beautiful spots, is why for me Leeuwarden is the ideal student city.

All the beauty that Leeuwarden has to offer should be exposed and that is why I hope to welcome you together with three and a half thousand future fellow students at the end of August this year!

Joël Bosma - Member of the Board

Last year I got the opportunity to be the chairman of one of the beautiful associations Leeuwarden has. In this year I spent a lot of time on making our beautiful study city more interesting. The student city with the most potential in the Netherlands, if you ask me. The city we know for the coziness of a village and the facilities of a city. Leeuwarden, My city!

I never expected that Leeuwarden would be my city at first. I would have preferred to have studied in another city was my first thought when I left to Leeuwarden. But Leeuwarden had something magical. Leeuwarden with its crooked weird Oldehoven tower, the Prinsentuin with all its students and boats, the eleven cities ice skate hall where I could skate my rounds and the beautiful compact city centre.

Looking back over the past years, Leeuwarden has brought me a lot in which my biggest conviction has become: The final goal is certainly important, but the way to it is even more important because that will shape you to what you will be later on. That is why I can encourage everyone to move into Leeuwarden and see what Leeuwarden can bring you! Who knows, maybe you are the organizer of the student introduction period? That would be LEIP don’t you think!?