For FREE to the Air Run Festival and being initiated as a real “Liwadder”

With your ticket for LEIP! Deluxe you can go for FREE through the biggest and most amazing storm track of The Netherlands!🔥
What do you think? Will you make it till the end? Whatever, just LEIP! and gooooooo.

Butttt, that’s not all because before you are a real “Liwadder” you have to go through an initiation😄.
Yeah that’s right an INITIATION. This will take place at Monday, 27th of August during the intro.
The shortest en most f*cking amazing one of the Netherlands
And believe us it will be awesome! Don’t be afraid we keep it fun!
You go through the ‘Herenwaltje’ (one of the shortest streets of Leeuwarden) where the student associations will try to show their best sides of themselves.
After a short trip through all kinds of experiences, you will all be initiated!

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