What are the LEIP! weeks?
LEIP! stands for ‘Leeuwarden Eerstejaars Introductie Periode’,  which translates to Leeuwarden first years introduction period. The LEIP! period is then also the general introduction period for all the students on higher educations in Leeuwarden. During this period you will meet a lot of new people and learn all of the aspects of Leeuwarden and its student life, like sporting-, culture- and student associatios.

Who is LEIP! meant for?
LEIP! is for all of the first years students of NHL Stenden, Van Hall Larenstein and the University of Groningen/ Campus Fryslân. Masterstudents coming to Leeuwarden are of course also welcome. LEIP! can also be visited by international students (in case you are international, you can be placed in a ‘mixed group’: a group with Dutch and English-speaking students).

Who organizes LEIP!
LEIP! is organized by an introduction board existing of five students accompanied by three commissions of students. They are supported by ‘Leeuwarden Student City’.

Where can I apply for LEIP!
You can apply through this website. For this you need to hit ‘LEIP! Deluxe intro week ->apply now’ in the (main)menu. For LEIP! Festival (Thursday 5th of September) you need to buy a ticket. Go to ‘LEIP! XXX RUMAG Festival -> Tickets’ in the (main)menu to buy tickets.

Do I get assigned to groups with students of the same study?
Because LEIP! is the general introduction week we have chosen to base the division of groups on interest. Next to this, studies will often have their own introduction period in the first week of your study period, which will make you get to know your study fellows well enough! On LEIP! Monday you will be assigned to your group with students of your chosen study.

Can I spend the night during the LEIP! Sunday- and Monday night?

We are UNFORTUNATLY NOT able to offer places to spend the night. When still looking for a room in Leeuwarden, or not planning to live in Leeuwarden, you can ask a higher years student for potential residence.
Please mind that when you are not planning of sleeping in Leeuwarden on Sunday- or Monday night, you need to travel with public transport when participating in the evening program. The official program of Sunday- and Monday evening stops at 00.00. Please mind that at this hour, no public transport is available, so you’ll need to leave the party early.

What is there to do during LEIP!?
During LEIP! you will get to know all the aspects of Leeuwarden. There will be attention pointed to general information of living as a student and studying. You can also get to know a bunch of cultural-, sporting-, study- and fun associations. Next to this, time will be made for music, the city, work and many other aspects relevant for students. Naturally there will be an ending LEIP! festival where about 8.000 people will attend.

Is LEIP! comparable to an initiation?
No, absolutely not! You can look at LEIP! as a very enjoyable experience and is absolutely not an initiation. Its closer to a period full of information, activities and parties. LEIP! is in short a general introduction week to get to know Leeuwarden.

Information on LEIP!
The most of the available in information is available through www.leip.nu. Next to this you can ‘Like’ our Facebook or follow our Instagram and you’ll be updated of all the ins and outs surrounding LEIP!. Still gave questions left unanswered, you can mail us at introbestuur@ibosleeuwarden.com.

Can you join LEIP! as a master- or flee-flow student?
Yes you can! LEIP! is meant for all students who Leeuwarden is new to.

To apply for LEIP! Deluxe you must first fill in the form which can be found under the ‘Apply now’ tab. Then you will hit send, after which your details are saved and a conformation mail is sent. To complete your application you will be sent to an external site automatically where you can buy your ticket

PLEASE MIND: Without tickets your application is not completed. You need a ticket with your registration.